Walking Eolie

Walking is something legged living beings do since the beginning of the inhabited world. Something that makes us independent, something everybody can afford, something that reminds us of how important health is. What makes the difference is WHERE you decide to walk.

Walking slows down the pleasure, is against hurry, is for the eyes to fully enjoy the scents and color hints, for the body to discover its strength and maintain fitness, walking is a journey for the spirit.
Join us for a walk on Mount Etna, this erupting volcano since ages dominates the land, the life, the sky.

I have always imagined it like the skirt of a god lady that changes colors according to season and her mood. When she is happy she greets the sun, when she is not she summons clouds and rain like an Olympus storm.

Mount Etna is full of paths, of views on all four sides, each of which offers special soil for special cultivations. Here come the Etna wines and olive oils.
The strength of this land always keeps the best Sicilian growers and farmers to stay here where their families were born.

Here to struggle to save the properties that battles have always tried to expropriate. So, young entrepreneurs and their fathers continue the excellent tradition of Sicily: respect for the environment that gives life, commitment for serious work, tolerance towards the world. And silence.

The sound that allows hearing the essence of your steps, of the soil and vineyards and olive tree groves.