Alicudi Excursions

Alicudi is the farthest island towards west, so you may experience the colors into the open sea like you are watching the ocean. The island is very simple.
From Alicudi Porto it is possible to choose between mountain excursions and sea. The Chiesa di San Bartolo is the switch towards the routes north Filo dell’Arpa, Montagna,and south Montagnola. Routes are all mid-difficulty and last about 4 hours plus lunch break.

Alicudi is special at sunset, which can be admired from the Casa del Tramonto, an easy and breathtaking trekking.
Spend at least two days in Alicudi, since last hydrofoil leaves too early for sunset, and enjoy the possibility of having a night-time excursion at Moon Light or under the stars.
The beach of Bazzina is amazing for ist quiet and under water goldish colors
Meals are always homemade with organic products. Fish is always just fished at Silverio’s, and meat is from the island breeding.
It is possible to take a round trip off he island by boat.


1) Round the Island tour: South/East/North/West. Steps and paths. Difficult. Duration 6h. From the Harbour to San Bartolo to Filo dell’Arpa on the East side and back to the West side passing through Pianicello or Tonna contradas. Back to Perciato. This excursion may arrive to the volcano reaching altitude 675m a.s.l.

2) Harbour/C.da Sgurbio/C.da Bazzina: South/East. Difficult. Duration 4h. Back by boat. Altitude 300m a.s.l. at C.da Sgurbio.

3) Harbour/San Bartolo Church/Casa del Tramonto andback to Perciato: South/East/North/West. Difficult. Duration 4/5h. Altitude 500 m a.s.l. at San Bartolo.


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