Etna Sud

South Etna – Galvarina

This route let us walking along a path from 1500 mt to 1878 mt a.s.l. crossing lava flows of 1892 and 1974. Vegetation includes the white rose of Aetna, common endemic larch, astragalus siculus, juniper, whose berries are used to aromatized grappas. Along the way there is a Aetna park’s nursery for endemic plants. And also green oases from the Arabian called “dagala” amidst lava flows.
The shelter house is pleasant with a fire place. The route is also ideal for bikers.

Etna South – Schiena dell’asino

Lenght 4km
duration 3h
maximum height: 2100m

Difficulty: easy

Along the path it is possible to observe basalt walls, century-old beech, view of the Bove valley from south.


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