Filicudi Excursions

Filicudi was the first island to appear from the Eolian volcanic activity. It had three active craters. You still have two prehistoric villagges, and may walk on the very ancient routes where first islanders lived.  Arrival is at Filicudi Porto. From here it is possible to visit the prehistoric village onCapo Graziano.

Then proceed to Le Punte, where there is another prehistoric village, or Val di Chiesa where most of the excursion routes start. By trekking it is possible to reach beaches that otherwise can be reached only by boat, such as Fossa Zucco Grande and Siccagne. Routes are of different level of difficulty and in some case return by boat is mandatory, which is combined with a visit to the grottos. Duration is about 4/5 hours each.
Another beautiful beach is Pecorini Mare, where you can also have a bath and aperitif tasting marvellous Eolian food watching the sea.
The most beautiful excursion is doubtless that towards Siccagni, the west side of the island that watches La Canna – that can be climbed with ropes – and Alicudi, mandatory return by boat with visit to the grottos – Grotta del Bue Marino.
If guests stay overnight on the island, it is possible to organize this excurions at sunset with aperitif; nightime Totani fishing; turtle and dolphin watching.


1) Zucco Grande: South/East. Easy, duration 2/2.5h, altitude 300 m a.s.l.

2) Zucco Grande – Sorgente del Vallone Fontana: South/East. Easy, duration 3.5h, altitude 300 m a.s.l.

3) Zucco Grande – Fossa Zucco Grande: South/East. Easy/moderate, duration 4/5h. It is possible to come back by boat with good sea conditions. Altitude 300 m a.s.l.

4) Ficarrisi from Zucco Grande: South/East/North/West. Moderate, duration 4/4.5h, altitude 600 m a.s.l. Sunset.

5) Ficarrisi from Serro: South/East/North/West. Moderate, duration 4h, altitude 600 m a.s.l. Sunset.

6) Ficarrisi from Smarraturi: South/East/North/West. Moderate, duration 4/4.5h, altitude 600 m a.s.l. Sunset.

7) Siccagni: to West side cliff. Difficult. We go down to the sea from Ficarrisi. For the level of difficulty and duration coming back by boat is mandatory. So, conditions of the sea must be perfect. Duration 3.5h. Altitude 600 m s.l. in Ficarrisi. Sunset.

8) Fossa Felci from Serro: East/South/West. Moderate, duration 4h, 774m a.s.l. Sunset. Coming back to Portella.

9) Fossa Felci and Piano Sardo: East/South/West. Moderate, duration 5.5h. 774 m a.s.l. a Fossa Felci. Coming back to Portella. Sunset.

10) Mulattiere. Filicudi is fully crossed through by old donkey paths, which connect all contradas. Walking through this allows seeing all sides of the islands with different and color-changing perspectives. Level of difficulty: easy/moderate. Duration 3h.

All the excursions may start early morning or in the afternoon.


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