Salina Excursions

Salina is the most elegant island. Its municipality is separated from all the other islands, since it has an economy on its own.

It is full of vegetation, since its mountains reach the highest levels (993 mt) and is full of vineyards. In salina it is possible to arrive in Santa Marina Salina or Rinella. I suggest Santa Marina because from here you can choose better where to go by bus, taxi or by renting boats or scooters.

We can reach Malfa, Pollara or Val di Chiesa for excursions to Monte dei Porri which offers a breathtaking view over Pollara and the west side of the arcipelagus towards Filicudi and Alicudi; or Monte Fossa delle Felci, which is more majestic for ist vegetation and whose top opens towards east and west.

From the top, in fact, it is possible to admire Vulcano, Lipari, Filicudi and Alicudi, Stromboli and Panarea. Both excursions last 5/6 hours with a lunch break at the top. On the way back it is also possible to visit a cellar or have aperitif on terrace until sunset. Hydrofoils leave late enough according to the island to be reached.

Another route from where to enjoy a mervellous sunset is from Leni or Pollara towards west.

In salina it is possible to organize a cellar tour
To have a bath at Punta Scario where there is a nice lido with beach services.

It is possible to have tours of the island by boat


1) Fossa delle Felci: moderate/difficult. Duration 5h. Altitude 968m a.s.l. Fossa delle Felci can be reached from Lingua (south/east), Santa Marina (south), and Malfa (north) coming back from Val di Chiesa. Each side is spectacular and from the top it shows a view of all the other islands.

2) Monte dei Porri: moderate/difficult. Duration 4h. Altitude 860m a.s.l. Starting from west at Semaforo and coming back from Val di Chiesa. Or starting from Val di Chiesa and coming back down to Pollara. In this case duration is 5+h.

3) Valle Spina: easy/moderate. Duration 3h. Altitude 350m a.s.l. Starting from Leni this route is a middle mountain route that connects to Pollara. Towards west it offers a beautiful view of the sunset. From here it is also possible to go down to an exclusive beach, Praia Venezia, and come back by boat.

4) Wine and Food: tasting at Malvasia Cellars upon request.

5) Oil and Cheese: tasting at D’amico farmhouse upon request.


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