Vulcano Excursions

Once called Therasia, sacred to the god Vulcano. Supposedly it was a fusion of two vulcanos: Vulcano della Fossa (386m) on the west side and Vulcanello (123m),that until XII century were separated. On the south is Monte Aria (500m) made of lava and tuff, and Monte Saraceno (481m). Pietre Cotte derives from a obsidian flow occurred in 1771 that can be seen towards north-west. 
Last eruption occurred in 1888-1890. However, today’s activity performs with fumaroles emitting boric acid, ammonium chloride, and sulphur. The soil is abosolutely hot in some parts. 
Also vulcano beaches are dominated by the black colours of its sand. 
In Vulcanello it is also nice to explore the Monster Valley, which includes particular lava shapes of 1888 eruptions.

Excursion to Vulcano della Fossa. North-west. Easy. Altitude 386 m. Vulcanello and Monster Valle.
Lunch at Gelso and coming back by boat.
Duration full day.


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