The nature of the Timpa, the freshness and story of granita and the fish of the Ionian coast.

The Timpa is a natural cliff deriving from the movement of one of the biggest faults in eastern Sicily, the fault of Acireale that on its turn belongs to the main Hyblean-Maltese fault. It is a 200 thousand years old cliff very green with the most luxuriant Mediterranean flora and rich with water courses.

From Acireale it is possible to enjoy the experience and the view by walking along the lava stone-paved path, Le Chiazzette, like villagers used to do in the past to reach the sea of Santa Maria La Scala, which is a fisherman village that was the harbour of Acireale. The path was also used to carry flour and fish upwards Acireale by mules. In the sea village, in fact, there is also a a very ancient windmill called Mulino Testa dell’Acqua. Along the path we will enjoy the waterfall of river Aci, whose romantic, dramatic and mythological legend gave the name to 6 villages around it.
The path is very easy, less than 2km, downwards, and the view goes from Catania to Taormina.

Before the walking we will taste granita in Acireale, whose tradition for it is very famous. Here still exist the masters of granita, the  “nevaroli”. We will meet one who will tell us about granita and the story of IGP Etna lemon.

Our food experience, which is optional, has two choices.

Foreword: Fish of the volcanic shore of this Ionian sea is a unique experience. Fish here eat autochthon algae and their taste will impress you with only one sensation and memory, that “of the sea”.

Option 1. Family-run Trattoria serving fish with the simplest and traditional recipes. They know the fishermen themselves and prepare the best dolci too.

Option 2. Home restaurant and cooking class in my family lemonyard property, with fish or meat, my father’s garden produce and Etna wines.


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