Mount Etna Experiences: the East side

The eastern side of the Mount Etna was the first one involved in the grape growing and wine making. We will taste some excellent wines in this experience on Mount Etna East.

Mount Etna East Experiences: Milo, Quercus Ilex of Carrino and 1951 lava flows

In Milo starts the forest of Mount Etna and the mountain landscape itself. Our walking goes towards the 500-year-old quercus ilex that resisted a lot of eruptions. The tree is there with its curly branches and an unexpected energy.

Then we walk towards the shelter house of Piano Bello, a very comfortable area  where to have rest. The trees here are ancient oaks whose trunks were used to build most of the palmentos of the cellars of Mount Etna. Walking a little bit further we can reach a beautiful window over the Bove Valley watching the summit area craters.

The experience on Mount Etna East is of medium difficulty, duration 3 hours. It can be combined with different food experience including street food in Zafferana Etnea and its typical fried pizza and honey. A chic wine experience can also be booked in time and according to availability.


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