Etna North Experiences

Etna North is my favourite, less tourist, more authentic. Two are the walkings that I suggest in experiences on Etna North.

Piano Provenzana and 2002 Eruptions

Piano Provenzana starts at 2000 meters reaching 2200 m. It shows the first part of the 2002 eruption when on the night of October 31st 2002 two big mouths opened one in the North and one in the South side of the volcano and every thirty minutes a new mouth opened up to 24 mouths all erupting along a fracure.

We call this kind of eruptions button-like since they resemble the buttons of a shirt. It covered all the infrastructures of the site and last three months. We will walk along the craters of it enjoying a lunar scenario.

The walking is 2.5 hours, medium difficulty. Good for walker kids too.

Sartorius Craters

Second walking: Sartorius Craters, a button-like eruption dated 1865 that opened seven craters. Height 1600 meter a.s.l.. Here we are surrounded by a wood of betulla aetnensis, the white trees with eyes.

This walking is easy and offers a good lava experience. We will learn about the formation of craters, the minerals, the activity of the volcano, the vegetation and during mushroom season it is often possible to meet pickers who proudly and friendly will show us about the wide variety of Etna mushrooms, from porcini on. Walking is never fast and allows meeting people the very characters of a place.

Duration 1.5 hours, easy. Trekking shoes reccomended. Good for walker kids too.

Before or after the experiences on Etna North we can visit a lava tube, to enjoy and learn about these lava formations made by the magic of chemistry.

With the walking it is possible to combine a food experience: a winery, restaurant, trattoria, street food, according to your taste and availability.


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