Trip to Etna South

Silvestri craters and 2001 Eruption

The Silvestri Craters are an easy group of craters following the typical button-like eruption of 1892. They are located 2000 m a.s.l.. They are a very easy way to enter the lava scenario and hear the story of Mount Etna from a spectacular location.

Lava flows, craters, the colors of minerals, and the cable car station from where to reach 2500 m and 2900 m altitudes to get closer to the central crater 3300 m. From 2500 m vulcanologist guides are mandatory. However, this site is very tourist and expensive. This trip to Etna South can never be guaranteed due to metereologic and safety reasons.

Piano Vetore

Piano Vetore is a very pleasant walk, that can also be combined to a quick stop at Silvestri Craters. Walking along the path from Piano Vetore, very plain, it is possible to enjoy the smoking central and south-east craters, a hornitos, visit the Santa Barbara shelter house, its cave, and enjoy some times of the year also the sunset. The walk is easy, duration 1.5 hours.

Schiena dell’Asino

This a medium difficulty upward walking from 1800 m to 2200 m a.s.l. worth the effort to arrive at the south border of the Bove Valley, this huge depression that formed 14000 years ago. Mount Etna, in fact, was 4000 meters high reaching 3300 meters after this collapse.

A huge amount of lava reached the sea causing a tsunami up to the coast of Africa. The Bove Valley can contain most of the lava flowing during eruptions and spare the towns down it.

Before or after the trip to Etna South it is possible to visit a lava tube, if it safe and if you wish. Good for walker kids too.

It is possible to combine a food experience chosing between wineries, restaurant, trattoria, ot street food.


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