Etna West

Etna west: Piano dei Grilli and Bronte: walking and pistachio tasting

This side of Mount Etna is the most ancient. Here extinguished volcanos are at the typical low altitude of the past and while walking we cross lava flows dated 1500, 1700 with beautiful landscapes, flora, brooms, shelter houses and silence. Altitude 1100 m a.s.l.. Named after the presence of crickets. Lenght: 12 kilometers, duration 4 hours. At the end of it we can enjoy a pistachio tasting in a private pistachio farm.

Etna west: cooking class and lunch in Maniace

This side of Mount Etna is incredibly genuine and rich of homamade food experience. Join us to make fresh maccheroni, pistachio cake without flour, fried filled-in zucchini flowers, fried pizza, and much much more together with the granma and nephew of a traditional Maniace family.


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