Mount Etna tours: the West side

Piano dei Grilli (crickets’ field)

The western side of Mount Etna is the most ancient one. Our Mount Etna West tours starts from the crickets’ field, since thousands of crickets used to live here. The path crosses lava flows dated 1500 and 1700. Here we can find beautiful formation of corded lava.

A century-old broom wood welcomes us together with a huge flower field at Spring time. During the path we will see typical straw houses used as shelter from shepherds and walkers. The walking is 12 km long and medium-easy level.

Mount Etna West tour: Bronte Pistacchio tasting

After the Mount Etna West tours we can enjoy the real, very, green pistachio from Bronte. Pistachio has an amazing story behind its berries made of hard work and family tradition. We can experience it in town, at restaurant or at a pistachio farm (the latter for groups and upon request). We can also attend a cooking class in a nice and family-run trattoria.


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