Wedding in the Aeolian Islands

Make A Wish …

In the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.
Choose your Muse-inspired wedding. We named our wedding proposals after a Nymph or a Divinity of the ancient world, since they can inspire your wishes with the magic of the myth and make your dreams come true.
Share with us your ideas, thoughts, dreams and we will strive to make it real.
Filicudi is a SIMPLE, PURE, ESSENTIAL Island, but it can still offer extremely elegant and extravagant solutions.


The weddings Artemis, Galatea and Thetis can be hold at any location available and the menù decided accordingly to your budget.
Calypso is the wedding by the beach with a dedicated menù.
Time frame suggested: April-July, Sept-Oct

ARTEMIS – The Luxury Wedding

Inspired to the goddess of Arts, Hunting and the Moon. Her symbols are the Moon sickle, the quiver with arrows and a bow.
Protector of Nature and female prerogatives, facilitator of childbirth.

GALATEA – The wedding in Villa

Inspired to a Nereid, a Nymph of the Sea, residing deep down into the Ocean. She protects sailors during storms.

THETIS – The wedding at the Cave

Inspired to the most beautiful of the Nereids, the 50 daughters of Nereus, the God of the Sea, she was mother of Achilles. Of more ancient origin, when she was the Phoenician Tanit. She
was endowed with the power of metamorphosis.

CALYPSO – The wedding on the beach

Inspired to the Nymph of the hidden and magic Island of Ogygia. She fell in love with Odysseus and kept him prisoner for
seven years, until in site of herself, she had to let him go.

Filicudi In Love

Getting married in Filicudi, in a bubble of uncontaminated nature is a unique and original opportunity. The baroque Church of Santo Stefano located higher and watching east, and the classic Church of San Giuseppe located lower and watching west, both with a beautiful terrace, could host the religious ceremony.
The small municipal terrace at the cozy harbor of Pecorini Mare would be the perfect location for your civil ceremony.

For the banquet we offer different locations amongst the most original:
– Aeolian-style villas facing the Mediterranean sea and offering a breathtaking view.
– the Cave/Atelier, the most original location, with its harmonically distributed terraces, natural flower decorations, art lights and sculptures healing the soul, stopping time, leaving the rest of the world far outside.
-“Le Punte” beach, a natural inlet where the sea and the primitive beauty of the island combined offer a primordial scenario at the feet of Capo Graziano, the prehistoric site of the island.
-Lido La Sirena, Pecorini mare. An elegant and naturalistic site at the feet of a rocky cliff.


Filicudi welcomes all the guests with its unique colors, tastes and fragrances, revealing emotions and providing lasting impressions. Then, it starts cradling you until you abandon the unnecessary and realize that what is essential carries with it extraordinary strength, feelings, lightness and beauty. Without the Aeolian Islands, Sicily would not be as fascinating and charming. A charm enriched by a more intimate island character selected, interpreted, tailored to the experience you wish.
Our passion, our experience, our extraordinary attention to details makes it
possible to create the perfect event for you. A sublime experience for all your senses. The wedding you have always dreamed about.

From Filicudi and its expert people, to you and your blessed guests.


In love with Filicudi and its people, and the unique light of the Aeolian Islands whose most extraordinary shades Giusi finds in unexpected corners. Inspired by the authentic beauty of nature, the flavors and the ancient history. Giusi takes her guests through the labyrinth of the mountain and ancient donkey’s paths off the beaten tracks. The experience makes the journey. Giusi is the point of contact for the Aeolian Islands for Corriere della Sera, Belmond, and she is the author of Walking Eolie&Sicily, her tourist advisor company.


A pure artist. She has been living on the Island for the last 28 years, a choice driven by er passion. Marina lives in a complex of caves/atelier that she built over the years. Her house was quoted by The New York Times as one of the 10 most original houses in the world where every detail has a story and every corner has a different view over the other islands and over Sicily. She will be your personal


Born in Filicudi, she is a young self-made chef with the perfect experience. Her and her staff have been in the catering field for over a decade. Adriana will take care of all aspects of your catering in Filicudi. The freshest produce, the real tastes and vivid colours that will conquer your palate. You will fall in love with her cuisine that always exalts the tastes of the gastronomic tradition of Aeolian Islands, and even more so of Filicudi.

Island experiences for your guests

Excursions by walking to explore the heart of the island, its hills, the ancient donkey’s paths and different mountain paths from where to enjoy breathtaking scenarios.

Excursions by boat to visit marvelous caves, rocks and inlets.

Fishing experiences both at sunrise, sunset and nighttime.

Diving into the most wonderful blue of the Mediterranean sea with expert scuba guides

Gardening Learning Farming has been the main activity on the Aeolian Islands since the ancient times, as the land was more reliable than the sea to provide food. Join our local gardening experts to learn how to grow the best vegetables with the minimum use of water. You will learn the right season to sow and choose the right vegetable variety for you soil. Our gardeners will share their knowledge and experience that they learned from traditions and not books.

Cooking classes with the local women to learn the Aeolian/Filicudari cuisine both savory and sweet.

Massage Experience: from Ayurveda to Thai.

Wild herbal picking. Throughout the year nature blesses us with a great variety of seasonal herbs and vegetables that grow wild and are for everybody to pick. Learn old herbal remedies and how to survive and keep healthy on a remote Island without markets.

Babysitting is available to help you find sometime for yourself.


Contattaci e realizzeremo il vostro sogno di sposarvi in una delle isole più belle del mondo.