“Do you wanna marry me?” “Yes, I do”

with joy, excitement and dream. .

To these elements the honor of being part of the preparation of your special event lightly but professionally together with me to make the most dreamt day of your life the most extraordinary day of your life.

Filicudi lays on the west side of the Aeolian archipelago. She keeps the ancient and unbeatable strength of Nature, the elegance of the Mediterranean Light, the gift of Peace, the sound of the Sea that caresses the stones. The perfect incline discloses a breathtaking view between the sky and the sea from private terraces that become a natural stage to toast and taste the local delicacies prepared by expert local hands with the freshest local ingredients, never ordinary but respectful of theAeolian first and Sicilian culture and essence. 

Getting married in Filicudi is a three-day experience* during which you and your guests will be cuddled from arrival to departure.  

Choose FILICUDI for your WEDDING in a very magic and unique location

Choose FILICUDI for your WEDDING PROPOSAL in the moonlight or at sunset on a boat in the middle of the Mediterranean


Choose FILICUDI for your BIRTHDAY PARTY under the stars

Choose Filicudi for your SPECIAL EVENT


I am Sicilian, born in 1975 at the feet of Mount Etna that imprinted in me the volcanic character. I graduated in Rome at the School of Interpreting and Translating SSITT at 22, I worked for the US Government for 10 years, then I took a degree in Molecular Biology at the University of Catania at 32 and worked in my family lab for 13 years. At 36 I fell in love with the Aeolian Islands, especially for the Island of Filicudi that took my heart, brought it up the mountain and there it beats in peace since then, where I live today. Being inspired by their peaceful environment, divine light, immense soul, authentic smells and tastes I started writing about the Aeolian lifestyle, photographing the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets and getting closer and closer to their history and culture. In 2013 I founded Walking Eolie&Sicily, my creature and then FilicudiWedding.
Journalists, reporters, guides, radios started writing about me and my story, from Corriere della Sera to Dove Viaggi, Lonely Planet, Geo&Geo, La Cucina Italiana, Code Nast Traveller, Italy Magazine and I thought my dream had turned true.
Today, I fully dedicate myself to my passion for this land, for my special guests and to the real and future brides and bridegrooms…….who wants to get married with LOVE.
I love researching beauty in details, the most simple details, that can only be disclosed and made slowly. I love gentleness, patience, respect for all guests of Sicily like only Sicily and Sicilians can do and my family taught me. Attention for the table is my core, making sure all ingredients come from authentic hands who grow, fish, prepare the food. Tastes are tastes and the capacity of listening makes the difference both ways: in what you give and in what you receive.
This is my way, this is me.
Thank you for your TIME.


How to arrive 

By plane to the airport of Catania or Palermo. 

From Catania transfer to Milazzo to take hydrofoil.

From Palermo the hydrofoil is from the port from mid June to mid Sept. 

Private transfers by boat or helicopter upon request. 

For the religious ceremony two churches are available: Santo Stefano up the hill of Valdichiesa and San Giuseppe closer to the sea. For the civil ceremony there is a dedicated location at Pecorini harbor. 

I can take care of all the legal documentation required. 

For the food experience, menus can be adapted to all requests favoring seasonal fish, from blue fish to lobsters, chosen, prepared and interpreted like only Filicudi can do. 

For the flower decorations we will amaze you with simplicity and creativity inspired by this powerful Nature. 

Hairdressing, makeup, photo and video shooting, musical arrangements are available upon request. 

On the island we come to pick you up and assist you throughout your stay. It is possible to move around the island by taxi, rental cars and mopeds. It is possible to make naturalistic walkings, hiking, trekking with certified guides, cooking classes, tastings of local products, home restaurant experiences including thai food, boat tours to discover the beauty on inedite inlets, and snorkeling, scuba diving with expert guides including archeological sites, fishing experiences including night totani fishing. Baby sitting and aesthetic services are also available. 

In Filicudi just ask at the right place to the right people and we will make it happen


Innamorata di Filicudi, alla continua ricerca di angoli dai quali ammirare le sue sfumature, cangianti, tutto l’anno. Ispirata dalla bellezza autentica della natura, dai sapori e dalla sua storia. Giusi conduce gli ospiti per il labirinto dei sentieri di montagna e delle mulattiere dell’abitato fuori dai percorsi comuni. L’esperienza fa il viaggio. Referente per le Eolie del Corriere della Sera, Belmond e autrice di Walking Eolie&Sicily.


Artista, da 28 anni sull’isola, per scelta e per passione. Vive in un complesso di grotte/atelier che ha realizzato nel corso degli anni e che il NY Times ha definito tra le dieci case più belle del mondo, dove ogni dettaglio ha una sua storia più o meno fantasiosa e ogni angolo una prospettiva sulle altre isole e sulla Sicilia. Sarà lei la vostra personal stylist.
Per vedere le sue opere:


“Born in Filicudi”, giovane chef autodidatta con esperienza ormai decennale. Con la sua apprezzata versatilità nel catering, si prenderà cura, affiancata dal suo staff, della ristorazione del vostro matrimonio/evento in ogni suo aspetto. Prodotti freschissimi, sapori intensi e colori vividi che vi resteranno nel cuore. Vi innamorerete della sua cucina che rispetta ed esalta sempre i sapori e gli ingredienti della tradizione gastronomica eoliana, ma, ancora più intimamente, di quella filicudara.


Excursions by walking to explore the heart of the island, its hills, the ancient donkey’s paths and different mountain paths from where to enjoy breathtaking scenarios.

Excursions by boat to visit marvelous caves, rocks and inlets.

Fishing experiences both at sunrise, sunset and nighttime.

Diving into the most wonderful blue of the Mediterranean sea with expert scuba guides

Gardening Learning Farming has been the main activity on the Aeolian Islands since the ancient times, as the land was more reliable than the sea to provide food. Join our local gardening experts to learn how to grow the best vegetables with the minimum use of water. You will learn the right season to sow and choose the right vegetable variety for you soil. Our gardeners will share their knowledge and experience that they learned from traditions and not books.

Cooking classes with the local women to learn the Aeolian/Filicudari cuisine both savory and sweet.

Massage Experience: from Ayurveda to Thai.

Wild herbal picking. Throughout the year nature blesses us with a great variety of seasonal herbs and vegetables that grow wild and are for everybody to pick. Learn old herbal remedies and how to survive and keep healthy on a remote Island without markets.

Babysitting is available to help you find sometime for yourself.


To ask for a quote write me or call me at +393496419964.