Milazzo Tour

Milazzo is a very ancient port of high historical importance watching the Tyrrhenian Sea. Thanks to the Milazzo Tour we will visit an enchanted city, where culture and nature come togheter to give you a memorable day. We walk through its ancient Medieval borgo rich of different cultures that have marked Sicilian History.

The Domethe Castle, the Monastery; the fisherman district of Vaccarella, the paths of Monte Trino and Capo. From the pink ancient church of Saint Antony towards the promontory of Capo Milazzo, down the pool of Venus, and then back to the Tono beach for a beautiful sunset.

This location is strategic since the tours that allow you to visit the Aeolian Islands leave from Milazzo.

The food experience offers offers unforgettable fresh fish and cannoli combined with today’s excellent choice of Messina DOC wines.

Wine Experience available upon request.

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