Sicily food and wine tours: Nebrodi

The Nebrodi mountains are a zip of mountains belonging to the Italian Appenine, born 1 million years ago, detached from the Etna territory. They are still crossed by an abundant net of rivers. Here start their routes the Alcantara river by Floresta, the Naso river by Sinagra, the Simeto river in Novara di Sicilia which then arrive to Catania, in an unmissable Sicily food and wine tour.

Water fosters wildlife which live amongst uncontaminated century-old woods and forests. Here the black pigs, the boars, the falcons, griffons, the porcupines, donkeys, horses, foxes and more still enjoy freedom.

Sicily food and wine tours: Nebrodi Park

The Nebrodi Park offers several experiences ranging from the esotericism of the Argimusco Megaliths in the lower part, to the northern part of the island in the mountains between Milazzo and Capo d’Orlando. From Patti it is possible to reach the green and tasty San Piero Patti, from Brolo it is possible to go to FicarraUcriaCastelumbertoSinagraSan Marco d’Alunzio. They all have unexpected museums like the puppet and the silk one, and by walking the town center there are monasteries and churches showing a beautiful view over the Tyrrhenian sea and the Aeolian Islands. Our food tours will take us into the countryside that shares the most ancient culinary traditions and preparations based on the black pig pork, cheeses and garden vegetables, as well as wild ones of great value like the people around it.

Many are the food festivals throughout the year, such as the black pig festival in Floresta, or the rolling Maiorchino cheese wheels along the lanes of Novara di Sicilia, and excellent food and wine tours of culinary delights from Sicily, directly in the houses of the local people who keep the small villages and their recipes alive.

This Sicily food and wine tour, to be planned together according to availability, time of the year, number of people, is on the north-east side of Sicily, good from Milazzo, Messina or Capo d’Orlando.

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