Risotto with red prawns from Riposto shallot leaves, poppy seeds and mallow flower

Ingredients for 4 people

Rice 400gr/14oz
Red prawns 300gr/10oz
Shallot leaves 5
Poppy seeds 20gr/0.70oz
Mallow flowers 10
Half onion and half potato for the risotto base Vegetable broth 1liter/ 1 US quart
Extra virgin olive (EVO) oil to taste
White wine 8oz
A knob of butter to finish the rice
Salt and pepper to taste


Wash and shell shrimps making sure you remove the dark filament out of the body. Cut the long leaves of the shallot, the ones extending from the bulb, in small pieces and wash well.

Poppy seeds enhance the crunchy taste of a good quality rice. The rice type I prefer is Carnaroli.
The mallow flower is delicate and balances the possible light asperities of colors and tastes.

Stir fry the onion in EVO oil until brown, then add the rice and stir for a couple of minutes. Add half a glass of white wine and let it evaporate.

Add warm vegetable broth during cooking until it is ready. Add prawns when rice is half cooked and salt to taste. Finish with a little butter to blend, turn the fire off, and let it rest for five minutes.

Decorate the dish with mallow flowers before serving.

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