Salina Excursions

Salina, the most elegant and green, full of vegetation, gardens and vineyards.

Three municipalities independent from Lipari, of which I prefer Leni and Rinella, for their Aeolian authenticity. Then Malfa with the elegant restaurants, and Santa Marina Salina for the shopping area and Lingua for the lighthouse and the salty lake which gave the name to the Island.


1) Fossa delle Felci: moderate/difficult. Duration 5h. Altitude 968m a.s.l. Fossa delle Felci can be reached from Lingua (south/east), Santa Marina (south), and Malfa (north) coming back from Val di Chiesa or viceversa. Each side is spectacular and from the top it shows a view of all the other islands.

2) Monte dei Porri: moderate/difficult. Duration 4h. Altitude 860m a.s.l. Starting from west at Semaforo and coming back from Val di Chiesa or viceversa up to Pollara. Duration may vary from 4 to 5 hours.

3) Valle Spina: easy/moderate. Duration 3h. Altitude 350m a.s.l. Starting from Leni this route is a middle mountain route that connects to Pollara. Towards west it offers a beautiful view of the sunset watching Filicudi. Here it is also possible to have lunch or dinner at a family-run shelter house with authentic Aeolian products.

4) Walking&Wine, see the section Walking&Malvasia


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