Sicily Experiences: Taormina and Castelmola step by step

This is to walk along the route of the ancient Greeks who founded their very first colony in Sicily here, in Giardini Naxos in the VII century BC, and excavated the lower polis first, called Taormina, and then through steps they reached the higher hill where they built the higher polis, Castelmola, today two of the most popular towns of Sicily worldwide. In experiences in Sicily to Taormina we will discover the culture that characterizes this area.

Sicily experiences to Taormina: discover this city step by step

My intent is to lead you through this path feeling a Greek admiring Etna and the Tyrrhenian gulf of Giardini Naxos,  in front of you. We leave from the Corso and the rocking of people, to go into the silent lanes of Taormina and up. We will make a circle from Porta Catania, the south entrance of the town, admiring the view from different perspectives over which the Greek Theatre becomes bigger and bigger and its history dominates the route.

The experiences in Sicily to Taormina include steps, paths, asphalt. Comfortable shoes are recommended. Good for walker kids too. Urban walking in Castelmola where we stop for coffee.

Walking back downwards from the road to the Castello Saraceno and Madonna della Rocca and here by steps down to city center.

Duration of the walking 3.5H. Difficulty 3 out of 5


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