Vulcano Excursions

Once called Therasia, sacred to the god Vulcano. Supposedly it was a fusion of two vulcanos: Vulcano della Fossa (386m) and Vulcanello (123m), that until XII century were separated. Last eruption? 1888-1890. However, today’s activity performs with fumaroles emitting boric acid, ammonium chloride, and sulphur. The soil is abosolutely hot in some parts and crossing it is an unforgettable experience with a touch of extreme. 
Then enjoy excellent homemade pane cunzato for lunch, and a plesant walking at sunset on the west side of the island in Vulcanello and the monster valley.

Excursion to Vulcano della Fossa, north-west. Easy. Altitude 386 m. Duration 2 hours. Vulcanello and Monster Valley for sunset.
Possibily of boat tours.
Duration full day.


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