The other side of Vulcano

Vulcano is an articulated a very interesting island, beyond the most popular harbor side. Besides the main active volcano, Gran Cratere della Fossa, it has other three interesting volcanic areas where the origin of the island lay deep and started one-hundred-thousand years ago, narrated by the most ancient local families that still grow, fish, and cook the ancient way, for explorers and guests who look for the inedite.
Visit the unexplored Vulcano island, with me.

Morning meet at Vulcano harbor and choose the following options or all.

  • Walk to the only active farm of all Aeolian islands for a cheese tasting, experiencing the shepherd’ breakfast. Taste and flavor of this ricotta cheese you will never forget.
  • By car/mini moke/scooter/e-bike we will drive to the ancient harbor of Gelso, walk the coastline to visit the most ancient church of the island and the biggest lighthouse of the Aeolian archipelagos.
  • Drive to Vulcano Piano for a walk and wine tasting (June-September) accompanied by local specialties sit on a beautiful terrace surrounded by Malvasia grapes, watching Filicudi and Alicudi at the horizon.
  • Lunch at a historical trattoria sea view watching the Mediterranean along the northern coast of Sicily with a dominating Mount Etna over the Peloritan and Nebrodi mountains.
  • Easy hike – 1 hour – in Vulcano Piano hill/forest and vulcanic valley up to a off-the-beaten-path breathtaking sightseeing spot over the Roja, Stromboli, Panarea, Salina, Lipari, Filicudi, Alicudi.

After the food experience we will walk to the black sand beach and the spring-water sand beach to have a bath, snorkel, and enjoy the Mediterranean Sea.

The tour can be arranged to guests’ needs and wishes.

Thank you for your time.


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