Wine tasting on Mount Etna

Tasting Etna wines is an experience to be prepared for with a light, healthy and holistic approach. This is my goal: walking my guests through the land, air and landscape that surround the grapes, the main character of the Etna wine world.

Wine is a very authentic way to discover and enjoy the essence of a place and learn its characteristics. My Mount Etna experiences are never extreme. Altitudes I choose allow enjoying woods of chestnuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, without missing lava scenarios.

Wine tasting Etna

In a certain way we follow the route of the water that reaches the roots of the vines and I tell the story of Mount Etna including its vegetation, wildlife, farmers’ life and legends.

At the end, when we will watch the wine being poured into a glass we will be more aware of what is behind it from the soil to the cellar and the satisfaction of knowledge is the very ingredient that makes the experience unforgettable.

Walkings are of easy-medium difficulty and good for walker kids. Tasting of Etna wines in wineries can be chosen together according to your tastes and availability.


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